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Waiting Room Fitout at Professor Mark Ashtons Consulting Rooms Melbourne

Designing a medical clinic requires careful planning and consideration. A successful clinic design should aim to improve the overall patient experience and consider the needs of staff for improved workflows, efficiency, and productivity.

To help navigate this process, we have compiled a list of five essential factors to consider before embarking on a medical fitout project.


1. Define Your Goals:

Before starting any fitout project, it is crucial to clearly define your own business goals and objectives. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What do you hope to achieve with the fitout for your new clinic?
  • What medical services are you looking to offer or expand on?
  • What medical equipment needs to be sourced or accommodated for?
  • How do you wish to enhance the aesthetics of your medical practice?

Understanding your goals for the medical fitout project, helps to shape the floorplan and design process.

It will also ensure that our design process aligns with your vision, right from the start.



2. Early Space Planning and Workflow:

Early space planning and preliminary floorplans assist our clients in understanding the potential for the property.

This is a critical step for efficient patient and staff workflow, and in consideration of patient privacy and confidentially, as they transition through areas within the clinic.




3. Compliance with Building Codes and Current Healthcare Regulations:


Whether you are planning to update your existing medical practice, building a new clinic, or converting an existing property into a medical space, it is of utmost importance that the medical fitout project is designed and constructed to the most current building and healthcare codes and regulations.

Engaging with a registered commercial builder who specialises only in medical spaces, is key to successfully navigating these complex requirements. Any requirements specific to a medical specialty (including plans for specific medical equipment), must be discussed and included as part of the initial project scope.


4. Consider Future Growth and Technology Requirements:

Selecting the right property and planning for future growth in floorplan designs, can help future proof your medical practice. It is important to remember when planning for future growth that incorporating those requirements into the initial base build works may be a more cost-effective option long-term.

Items to consider include the positioning of plumbing, electrical, IT, and mechanical systems.

One consideration that is often overlooked, is the provision for future medical imaging equipment. This equipment has specific requirements that must be met to qualify for installation. Floor loadings, shielding and power requirements are just some of the key items that need to be taken into consideration.

It is always best to discuss the long-term plans for the medical clinic in detail with your builder, during the consultation and design process.


5. Sustainability for the Future:

Incorporating sustainability practices into your clinic fitout project can have long-term benefits. Your builder can present you with options for energy-efficient lighting systems, water-saving fixtures, and many other sustainable building practices and solutions that are available today.



Embarking on a medical fitout project requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure project success. Eagleheart’s Project Consultants will help you achieve your objectives for a new clinic and ensure your new space complies with all relevant codes and regulations.

Our early space planning model can help you visualise the potential for the space before you make a financial or commercial commitment. We focus on optimising the whole process for our clients by assisting them with end-to-end, turn-key service. From finding the right property, through town planning (if required), design and documentation, permits and the full construction process.

By engaging Eagleheart, you can create a clinic that enhances the patient experience, optimizes staff productivity, and supports your long-term goals. Collaborating with experienced professionals in the field will help you navigate the complexities of the fitout process and achieve the desired results for the vision you have for your new medical fitout.

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