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Modern Reception Fitout at Mindful Living by Eagleheart

The planning and construction of a new medical practice requires significant time, energy, and resources. The design and styling of the space influences a patient’s perception, comfort, and overall experience when they visit the clinic.

If you are considering setting up a new medical practice, read this blog to learn how styling choices can make or break the look and feel of your new medical practice.

Planning for Success

Design and styling should form part of the initial planning timeline of the medical fitout project. Choosing the right décor and furniture can be time consuming and requires in-depth research.

They need to be durable, practical, and complementary to the design of the space. It is important that styling selections are based not only on what is on trend today, but well thought through, to ensure it won’t date in the years to come.

Obtain the Advice of a Professional

Achieving a harmonious space for patients isn’t as easy as one might think. Obtaining advice from a stylist or an interior design professional can help clients select the most appropriate pieces for the space. A budget allocation for furniture and styling is also recommended to ensure funds are available to finish the clinic to a high standard.

Practical Styling for the Space

The reception and waiting areas are the first points of contact for patients. Creating a space that is warm and welcoming will make a good first impression and will be one of the key things they remember about their visit.

Comfortable and stylish furniture is important, but it also needs to be durable and easy to keep clean. When selecting pieces, consider the available floor space and select the size and number of pieces subject to what will fit comfortably within the space. The colour, style, size, and height of furniture can impact whether a room feels large and spacious, or small and cluttered. Including support items such as side tables is practical for patients as well.

Design Consistency Throughout the Clinic

The design elements and colour used within the reception and waiting area, should flow through to the rest of the clinic. Position artwork or prints in complementary colours to add interest, and to help brighten up the space. Whilst consulting rooms are more clinical spaces, offering an ergonomic chair with a cushion and soft lighting can also help patients feel more at ease.

Handy Design and Styling Tips for a Professional Medical Practice

The concept of ‘less is more’ is one that applies to styling and interior design. When design and styling for your professional medical practice, consider the following:

The Eagleheart design team provides our clients with styling guidance and advice, during the design development process. They include suggestions for furniture and accessories that would be best suited for the space, taking into consideration personal styling preferences of the end user.

Eagleheart can source, deliver, and assemble these items onsite ready for handover. This alleviates stress and the last-minute rush to furnish and decorate the medical practice. An investment in styling promotes a professional and welcoming environment, leaving patients with a positive experience that they will remember.

To find out more visit the ‘What We Do’ page on our website that steps through our Eagleheart design and construction process. To see some great examples of design and styling, visit our project portfolio page.


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