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The list below includes our most frequently asked questions.

Eagleheart compiled this list of questions and answers, to help clients understand our construction,
build and fit out process. Navigate the list by expanding on each of the topics by clicking the ‘+’ icon.

If you have a question that isn’t listed, feel free to reach out to us by email or phone, or by clicking here.

Eagleheart is a family business that provides a turn-key medical design and construction service. We have over twelve years of end-to-end commercial building experience, where we deliver a complete solution for Doctors, Radiologists, Dentists, Surgeons, and Specialists.

Working with Eagleheart on your next medical fit out project allows you the time to focus on meeting the needs of your patients. Eageheart has a strong emphasis on family values providing a link that is more than just business.

Eagleheart focuses on three types of medical projects:

Medical Fit Outs – this is fitting out a space within an existing structure.

Residential House Conversions – we convert residential houses into medical spaces. This includes project managing the rezoning process, building surveyors, engineers, design and construction.

New Build Projects – we build clinics on your land. Our team of consultants rezone, design and build new clinics to suit your desired requirements.

Eagleheart provides a range of project levels starting from a basic finish that uses only quality fittings right through to our premium level with high end finishes and upgrades.

Eagleheart accommodates budgetary restraints and go further by suggesting smarter, cost-effective solutions.

Eagleheart is a registered commercial builder, as this is a requirement of the Victorian Building Authority for all commercial projects. We also ensure our contractors are registered where necessary, and have the required insurances for project security.

If you have a medical project in mind, Eagleheart can help clients find the right property to suit their requirements. Eagleheart will review our clients proposed plans and look for a suitable property to cater for their needs by checking the zoning and developability prior to you committing to the space.

Finding the right property is key to the success of a medical fitout project, and will save a lot of time and money throughout the design and build process.

Read our blog “Working with Older Buildings and What to Consider” that provide insights into some of the common issues buyers can face when converting a residential property to a medical space.

Visiting a medical specialist can be an anxious and stressful time for patients. Doctors are recognising that the surroundings within their medical centre can have a profound effect on the wellbeing of their patients. A space that is calm, warm and inviting, promotes positive thinking and helps to put patients at ease when visiting their clinic.

Key findings indicate that by improving the aesthetics of the medical practice, it improves patient satisfaction and behavioural issues. For staff, it positively impacts performance, morale, and retention. There are many great benefits for providing a pleasant environment for doctors, nurses and their staff that work within the space every day.

Consulting room fitout Melbourne | Eagleheart

Eagleheart offers a full turnkey solution that guides you from initial planning to final delivery. Our services include:

•  Property Search

•  Town Planning

•  Strategy

•  Finance

•  Design

•  Medical Fitout and Construction

•  National Rollout

•  Branding

•  Carpark Upgrades

•  Landscaping

•  Security

•  Furniture

Most medical projects are likely to require a building permit. It ensures that the proposed works comply to the current standards at the time of the project build. It is imperative that the builder that is chosen is registered and a building permit is obtained for your project.

At Eagleheart, we handle all the building permits for our projects, ensuring that this is integrated into project planning and compliance. According to the Building Act 1993 – Section 16, a person must not carry out building works unless a building permit in relation to the work has been issued, and is in force under this Act. Penalties apply for both personnel and companies involved if this does not occur.

Residential to medical property conversion | Eagleheart

When budgeting for a medical project, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. The existing conditions of the property have a large impact on the costs for the medical fit out project. Having an understanding of this provides the intel to produce an accurate estimate on what the medical fit out will cost. Speaking to one of our project consultants will help us to understand the detail of your project, and help you set your budget parameters.

Eagleheart works with our clients early on in the process, taking into consideration their wants, needs and vision, and we develop solutions to help achieve them within the budget parameters.

Specialist clinic fitout Melbourne | Eagleheart

Our procurement team can provide a selection of suitable furniture and décor options that fit in with the design of the space. This includes the sourcing, assembly and supply in time for project handover.

Items like desks, bariatric chairs, waiting room furniture, storage systems and meeting tables can be arranged for you, freeing up time for you to focus on the needs of your patients.

Read our blog “Design & Styling for a Professional Medical Practice” to discover the importance of getting the design and styling right for your medical clinic. It includes some handy tips that you can apply to ensure your patient’s perception, comfort, and overall experience is a positive one.

Some of our clients are onto their third project with Eagleheart and they keep coming back to us because of:

• The professionalism of our team.

• The quality of our work.

• The trust they have in Eagleheart to deliver the project they have envisioned.

• Our commitment to our clients through the whole build process.

• Transparency and working to project timelines.

Visit our project portfolio page, that showcases some of our recent projects. Be sure to watch the client testimonial videos located within these pages that provide insights into their journey with Eagleheart.