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We design and build clinics of the future with an approach to de-medicalising medical spaces.

Our extensive experience allows us to use global design talent at a local level,
producing custom designs that have never been constructed before.

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Medical Fitouts

We offer a complete, end-to-end fitout service. This includes fitout of cold shell, warm shell and the demolishing and refit of existing spaces. We manage the entire process from concept, through to handover of a ready-to-use medical space.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of building class, change of use, disability compliance (AS1428), acoustics and workflows. By combining this knowledge and extensive experience, and applying it to every project, we ensure the performance of your space is maximised.

House conversion to a medical space

Renovating an existing residential property can be tedious, costly and time consuming. We help right from the start, with an initial site assessment before you commit to the property, and will demonstrate whether the property is suitable or not.

Once you have decided on a property that is suitable, we manage the entire process through town planning, design, obtaining a building permit and construction. This includes performance solutions for disability compliance (AS1428), and working with heritage overlays, where required.

New Build Projects

Eagleheart provides a complete, turnkey solution, that is tailored to suit your individual requirements. We assist in finding, and selecting, the appropriate property that is suitable for your needs.

Once a property is selected for a new build project, we manage the entire process. This begins with town planning, through to design, construction and fitout, and finally the handover of the completed, ready-to-use medical space.


Eagleheart offers a risk free, project delivery model for seamless, end to end
project management, all under one roof.
Our process ensures that projects
conform to budget from the outset, are delivered on time, and
save 80% of your personal time so you can focus on your patients.


The fitout process can be overwhelming, if you are new to the planning, design and build process. Eagleheart is pleased to offer a full end-to-end project management service, and we take the lead from start to finish, to deliver risk-free excellence.

Property strategy is critical and a robust review is needed for every potential location. Eagleheart guides you through the critical milestones, with a process that ensures the best possible outcome is achieved, with the maximum return on investment. Eagleheart undertakes property search, site surveys, and existing condition reports as part of our service. We help you find the ideal property and location for your practice.

Eagleheart can undertake a thorough property market analysis, to determine the best location for your practice. We incorporate all the unique and specific business requirements to ensure we find the ideal property location. We help you secure the property and as we progress through the design and build, we guide you every step of the way as your new medical space takes shape.

We provide comprehensive project management for your medical fitout, communicating with surveyors, engineers, town planners and building management to ensure the site is the best solution to accommodate your requirements.


Planning begins right from the start of your project journey…

Having the right strategy for your business is crucial to retaining existing patients during a move. A location exit strategy is just as important as a clear future strategy. This ensures minimal disruption and downtime throughout the relocation process to ensure limited business and patient disruption.


Creating health spaces that deliver on more than just appearance…

Our inspired fitout solutions will enhance the experience for patients within your business. We plan and design every project using a natural, de-medicalised approach, to ensure the end result is one of warmth, safety, wellness and relaxation. Innovation and technology are infused within the space to assist your clients to connect with the space and feel engaged with the professionalism of your establishment.


Eagleheart provides an end to end healthcare fitout service, delivering on the design, documentation and construction of the entire project.

We consistently deliver high-quality projects through the use of our simple 3 step process – Focus, Form and Finish. By streamlining the design process, it allows us to reduce your time spent on the project by up to 80%. In turn, this helps reduce client risk and your project timeframe, so that you can secure a quicker return for your investment.

The purpose of the design stage is to set out how the practice will look, work and feel. We take the time to understand your requirements, and then present you with a creative, intelligent, solution for your space.

Our team of experienced architectural and interior designers, builders and trades, all have experience in medical and healthcare fitouts. Our approach incorporates compliance with hygiene and statutory guidelines and codes at every stage.

We continuously liaise with surveyors, engineers, and building management to ensure that the medical fitout is completed efficiently and to the highest standards.


The professional and experienced Eagleheart team will coordinate the construction of your new practice through to completion.

Our longstanding team of licensed, qualified contractors will provide speed of construction and a finish that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Before the handover, we’ll walk through your new practice to ensure your needs and expectations are met. Should any items need attention, they are then completed for a seamless handover and return to daily business operations.


We offer expert advice & direction from the beginning…

We take the time to learn about the activities of your practice and then use our expertise to customise a solution that will assist in the day-to-day running of your practice. We offer expert advice and direction from the beginning of your designs or existing plans, right through to project completion. Eliminate the frustration that comes with dealing with separate construction and fitout companies, tradespeople, town planners, architects, interior designers and builders.

Engage with Eagleheart, who have it all covered for you, from the planning and concept stage… right through to project completion.


Eagleheart is instrumental in the design and management of national rollout projects for the healthcare industry.

For ease and consistency, Eagleheart can take care of the national rollout of your healthcare fitout Melbourne projects. No place is too distant; no project is too small. Whatever the project, however complex the requirements, we adopt excellence as standard and integrate our methodology to guide you from initial planning to final delivery.

During the strategy stage, we aim to understand your objectives and vision. This allows us to develop a project brief which informs the fitout process with your ideas.

Rollout buying power is also critical to ensuring that consistency and cost-effectiveness are reached. When working with multiple project locations, establishing effective delivery processes is crucial.

Our experience has led us to incorporate key elements of design and planning, material and fixture supply, contractor sourcing and appointment, and construction to create successful outcomes.


Façade upgrades play a critical role in the overall first impression of a healthcare centre or clinic. Eagleheart specialises in external façade upgrades to attract and welcome patients.

Create a long-lasting impression on your client’s first journey to your practice. The façade is your first chance to capture attention and to make a connection with patients. Our experience with façade refurbishment, construction management and installation delivers quality results on time and budget. Our wealth of knowledge in healthcare building façade upgrades ensures a safe and aesthetically pleasing exterior that will transform and modernise your building.

A typical façade upgrade may include structural upgrades, concrete repair, brick tile installation, membrane replacements, architectural coatings, balustrade and balcony upgrades, window replacement, façade painting, engineered and architectural design alterations, and structural repairs.

Our wealth of knowledge in all forms of render and cladding enables us to assist clients in the design process. We can ensure a safe, secure and aesthetically appealing façade,that will transform and modernise your building.


Your medical clinic must be practical and functional, but it also needs to be an environment that helps your patients feel at ease.

Furniture plays a vital role in the form and function of your practice, affecting both your patients and practitioners. An extension of the design, the selection of furniture and fittings needs to complement the physical surroundings of the environment. We understand each clinic is unique, which is why we offer custom solutions to match your style, layout and budget.

You’ll work closely with our team to create a reception and waiting area that welcomes your patients and helps them to feel comfortable.

All consulting and treatment rooms will also be carefully planned to ensure you and your team can work safely and efficiently.

We supply and install your new furniture at the completion of the fitout, such as:

  • Desks: doctors desks, consultation room desks
  • Chairs: bariatric, lounge, waiting room chairs and stools
  • Storage Systems: medical pedestals, units
  • Tables: coffee, meeting, boardroom